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آزمون سازی

آزمون سازی

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مولف:دکتر حسین سالاریان


Chapter 1- Measurement, Test, Evaluation

Chapter 2-Uses of Language Tests

Chapter 3- Testing in Language Programs

Chapter 4- Educational Assessment

Chapter 5- Assessment and Learning


Chapter 6 - Impact of Testing

Chapter 7-Performance Assessment

Chapter 8- Teacher Assessment and Formative Assessment

Chapter 9- Characteristics of Normal Distributions

Chapter 10-Communicative Language Ability

Chapter 11- Test Method

Chapter 12 - Reliability

Chapter 13 - Validation

Chapter 14- Research Methodologies for Exploring the Validity of a Test Chapter 15- Some Persistent Problems and Future Directions

Chapter 16- The Item Characteristic Curve

Chapter17- Item Characteristic Curve Models

Chapter18 - Estimating Item Parameters

Chapter19- The Test Characteristic Curve

Chapter 20 - Estimating an Examinee’s Ability

Chapter 21 - The Information Function

Chapter 22 - Test Calibration

Chapter 23- Specifying the Characteristics of a Test

Chapter 24- Ethics and Equity

Chapter 25 - Limitation of Classical Measurement Models

Chapter 26- Concept, Models, and Features

Chapter 27- Ability and Item Parameter Estimation

Chapter 28 - The Ability Scale

Chapter 29 - Identification of Potentially Biased Test items

Chapter 30-computerized adaptive testing (CAT)

Chapter 31- Concept in Generalizability Theory

Chapter 32-Alternative Assessment

PhD Entrance ExamsTests (Self-Assessment)

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