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روش تحقیق در مسائل آموزش زبان

روش تحقیق در مسائل آموزش زبان

قیمت : 379,000 360,050 تومان

جزئیات پک


مولف:دکتر حسین سالاریان


Chapter 1:The nature of Inquiry

Chapter 2:Qualitative Taxonomies

Chapter 3:Quantitative (QUAN) and Qualitative (QUAL) Inquiry

Chapter 4:Mixed Methods Research

Chapter 5:Sampling

Chapter 6:The Strategies of Inferential Statistics

Chapter 7:Tools for Research

Chapter 8:Writing a Research Proposal

Chapter 9:Literature Review

Chapter 10:Experiential Research

Chapter 11:Experimental Design

Chapter 12:Research Problem

Chapter13:Validity and Reliability

Chapter14:Ex Post Facto Research

Chapter15:Correlational Research

Chapter16:Survey Research

Chapter17:Action Research

Chapter18:Functions of Variables

Chapter19:Constructing Research Designs

Chapter 20:Locating Scores and Finding Scales in a Distribution

Chapter 21:Relationships in Nominal Data

Chapter 22:The ethics of educational research

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